Center for Lice Control

We started out running Lead Generation programs for CLC but now do a little of everything from operations efficiency and automation to designing all the company’s print collateral.
Center for Lice Control

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The Center for Lice Control provides safe and effective lice removal services right in the comfort of your own home. Little did we know that Doctors don’t treat lice and the over-the-counter drugs from the days of yore are no longer effective against constantly mutating lice. Luckily – CLC’s got a handy solution available online.

One of the benefits of working with a Google Partner agency is that we have access to Google Beta programs and have our pulse on everything going on with the search engines. Last year, Google released phone-only campaigns on a Friday – we were up and running the very next day. (Yes – we work on the weekends when it will make a positive impact for our clients). We drove cost per leads down while increasing the number of leads by 300% as you can see from the graph, but more importantly, we grabbed significant market share from their competitors!

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