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Our Wine & Spirits Division has a track record of guiding businesses through periods of expansive growth. Our strategic advantage is not only our experience growing one of the pioneering internet wine businesses in the country from the ground up, but we are also currently engaged with wine & spirits retailers, restaurants, and winery clients.

The post-covid challenges facing the average retailer or winery are immense. Consumers have more options than ever and the competition is not just on the internet. Successful businesses will have to carve out a unique niche and market strategy to keep consumers engaged. The key will be in creating value for the customer that isn’t just giving away margin.

Nicholas Wines
Case Study

Nicholas Harary is one of the most accomplished chefs in the Northeast with a pedigree in wine second to none. After graduating from the CIA, he became the youngest sommelier ever at Jean-Georges and then spent the next 30 years creating a mini-empire of wine, spirits and top notch cuisine in and around Red Bank, NJ. The Nicholas team wanted a hands-off approach to their marketing so that they could just focus on fulfillment and customer service. Our full service approach saved them a ton of money on labor while also substantially growing the topline, without sacrificing average margins. Our most recent quarter just closed up over 200% – even after adjusting for Covid sales spikes. The marketing contact list is healthier than ever, the advanced segmentation strategy led to several clubs within the larger lists that now account for double digit percentages of revenue.
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"We’ve been working with The Matson Group for several years now, and they have been vital to our ongoing growth. You just can't argue with a 300% increase in sales. They’ve taken so much work off our plate while continuing to delight our customers and integrate seamlessly with our existing staff & processes."
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Nicholas Harary

The Secret Sauce

The wine and spirits industry is highly competitive. There are hundreds of online options, delivery apps, a bevy of local retailers, and in most markets, non-specialized sellers like grocery stores have garnered a larger and larger share of the market. How can one compete and still stay profitable?

The answer in most cases is service, but not your traditional customer service. It’s not enough to just be nice. Your service has to go above and beyond to provide an insider’s sense of belonging to customers. The trick, of course, is the ability to do this at scale – providing customers a personalized experience that’s second to none.

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