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Business to Business

Today’s most successful B2B businesses are making substantial investments in digital marketing. The reasoning is pretty simple. It’s all in the numbers and a number of recent studies have shown how important these trends have become.

The B2B ecommerce already represents an industry average of 18%. Market leaders must outpace that rate & the online pie is growing at a record rate. But the warning about digital experiences has already been given. A recent Avionos study revealed “90% of B2B buyers would turn to a competitor if a supplier’s digital channel couldn’t keep up with their needs.”

And these are just the ecommerce transactions, data by Google suggests that 67% of all industrial manufacturing purchasing are influenced by digital, even if the final sale is handshake.

High-growth B2B companies must invest in Digital.

Ledoux & Co.
Case Study

Ledoux & Co is the foremost quality materials testing company in the industry. Their 120 year history provides this family-owned business with unmatched expertise in the areas of Precious Metals Analysis, Electronic Scrap Testing, Spent Catalyst Testing, On-Site Precious Metals Representation & more.

When the pandemic hit, traditional B2B lead generation ground to a halt as conferences went virtual or were canceled altogether. On top of those challenges, many customers were forced to close, reduce operations, and consequently there was a softening in the industry.

But with a swift redirection of resources to a stronger digital presence and streamlined lead warming workflow, the Ledoux team was able to buck industry trends and achieve double digit growth targets!

Primary Services Employed:
“The Matson Consulting Group helped us jump into the digital marketing world with both feet! Jason and his team took our “old school” marketing plans and applied them directly to a digital strategy. With their help and guidance, our company has seen double-digit growth and we couldn’t be more satisfied!”
Ledoux & CO.
Keith E. Peterson

The Secret Sauce

Potential B2B clients are first and foremost looking for the same thing almost of us are when searching for solutions: clear and concise information. They need to know that we have easy answers to their questions and solutions to their problems. We also have to meet clients where they are, and increasingly, that includes new and unfamiliar channels.

There are myriad of factors and methods but there are two key places to start. First, always be top of mind, when your existing clients are in-market. And second – remove all potential roadblocks to engaging with new prospects. In today’s digital world, that means controlling the message as much as possible across all potential touch points.

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