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Ecommerce is the key driver of retail growth in the 21st century, but despite this fact, many retailers are substantially under-invested in digital marketing. Part of the problem is that many do not know what initiatives to support or have made poor investments in the past.

Our seasoned team of ecommerce veterans have grown dozens of ecommerce companies by triple digits and know the road map to guide your brand to ecommerce dominance.

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Case Study

It’s always easier when you start with a team of passionate craftspeople who make a best in breed product. That was what we had with Oberon.

But despite all of this, sales were not trending in the right direction. Our team was able to step in and using ecommerce best practices revitalized their email marketing, lead acquisition, and Amazon sales.

The positive results were almost immediate as we had some of our best months in history within our first quarter of engagement, but even better is that long term growth has continued month over month for the past 2 years.

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“The Matson Group's impact was immediate. They were able to jump in and start executing and now our team can focus on the bigger picture initiatives and future product development. They provide great ideas for growth and execute all our digital marketing.”
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Amy Lanvin
Head of Marketing

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