Brielle Matson


Website Builds

Successfully developed and launched multiple ecommerce websites in the past two years, including platforms on Shopify and WordPress, showcasing her expertise in crafting comprehensive online stores from scratch. These websites, including Sonoma County Leather, Nicholas Wine, Badger Tool Belts, and Occidental Leather, demonstrate her proficiency in designing and building tailored ecommerce solutions that drive sales and customer engagement.

US Tape Oil

U.S. Tape Oil Gauge

A robust ecommerce platform showcasing their high-quality oil gauging and derrick tapes. The website offers a seamless online shopping experience.

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Nicholas Wines

The Nicholas Wine website was built on WordPress, leveraging the WooCommerce to create a seamless e-commerce experience. This website offers a modern and user-friendly platform for wines enthusiasts.

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badger belt

Badger Belt

The Badger Tool Belts website was built on WordPress with WooCommerce, launching a robust e-commerce platform for customers to purchase premium tool belts and accessories.

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Sonoma County Leather

Sonoma County Leather's website was meticulously designed on Shopify, unveiling a sophisticated online boutique that showcases their luxurious, handcrafted leather creations.

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Occidental Leather

Occidental Leather

Occidental Leather's website showcases their renowned tool carrying systems that epitomize innovative design and exceptional craftsmanship..

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matson group

Matson Group

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Email Marketing

Brielle Matson is a seasoned expert in crafting effective email marketing campaigns, having developed and executed strategies for diverse products ranging from wine deals to handcrafted leather goods and tape measures. Her proficiency spans multiple platforms, including ActiveCampaign, Omnisend, Mailchimp, and Klaviyo, enabling her to drive engagement and conversions for various industries.

Social Media Marketing

Excels at developing and executing comprehensive social media campaigns, leveraging eye-catching graphics designed in Canva. Her expertise encompasses campaign conceptualization, budget planning, and visual content creation, resulting in engaging and effective social media strategies that drive brand awareness and conversions.